FAQ's About Spraying Water-Based Finishes

August 02 2013


I’m trying to get some advice on what product to use for wood furniture that I can spray through an HVLP sprayer.  I was thinking the water-borne high performance finish. Will this be the best one? This application is generally for  pine or oak, possibly red cedar. Strictly indoors. Could need to withstand water if it’s a table. Not commercial, just in home use. I’m an avid wood worker and have always used brush on Minwax finishes but General seems to be getting great reviews and I’m ready to try something new, and get going with an HVLP sprayer.
I prefer that it stays clear. I like polyurethane but know that it tends to amber over time.  A little is OK.


You are right - I would recommend High Performance also. It should be fine for most indoor home use applications. But some other choices are:

  • Conversion Varnish – our toughest and most water resistant for high water use applications – dries clear
  • Pre-cat Urethane, second toughest, but this will amber
  • Clear Poly- better than High Performance for water use – dries clear