Changes in Water Base Technology at General Finishes, the Country's Leader in Waterbourne Finishes

Over the last decade you've heard how "new water based technology" has allowed us to improve the products in our waterbase line. Recently, water chemistry has made more advancements while solvents have remained unchanged. As a result, water finishes today are equal or superior to solvent based products in most applications.

Change #1-- Water Based Interior Stains General Finishes Water Base Wood Stains

After 14 years of tweaking our stain formula, the latest improvement to our interior stains is revolutionary. Using knowledge gained during the development of our new Exterior 450 stain line, we accomplished the following:

Much better color retention
A new creamy texture making application easier
A longer open time
Lower VOC's
Easier spray ability
And, you won't notice any change in the 15 colors.

Change # 2: Enduro Clear PolyEnduro Clear Waterbase Poloy

New Clear Poly easily exceeds the performance of solvent based pre-catalyzed lacquer. Rapid advancement in water based technology has allowed us to significantly improve this fabulous professional finish with greater water, chemical, and abrasion resistance without an adverse affect on cost. You will not notice these improvements during application, but after months of wear and tear the difference will be obvious.

Enduro Pigmented Poly

We have improved the base of our pigmented formulations. Whites, blacks, and custom colors will all share the same benefits as described above in the new Clear Poly. This important improvement makes this product much more usable in heavy use areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.