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The votes for our first Milk Paint color contest have been counted. After 127 submitted entries and 1,014 votes, we have a total of 12 color contest winners!

Rob Szwedo, our finishing expert, made the trip to sunny California and lectured 56 invited Anderson Plywood customers on how to use General Finishes products! John Arenson of Anderson Plywood,

GF is proud to announce our September 2016 Retailer of the Month, Silverleaf Interiors!

This week's edition of Woodworker Wednesday features all-American woodworker, engineer, and tool aficionado, Chris Kuehn ("Keen") of Sterling Tool Works!

This week for General Finishes Woodworker Wednesday, we are featuring the very talented Scott Brooks! He creates projects as holiday gifts for family and friends or as donations for charitable events and organizations!

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Although we spray product all the time in our workshop, with several sprayers ranging from airless to HVLP, we do not consider ourselves to be spray gun experts.

To get the latest information, we recommend you contact Jeff Jewitt and/or Paint Sprayers Plus for the best advice:

Between these two resources, you should get the information you need.

The following gun was used in our spray demo videos:

Looking for us? Were busy swooning over these beautiful hand-crafted pieces by Catherine Johnston of Object Company! With a focus on sustainable and practical design, Catherine currently offers wood carving classes in Glasgow and seeks to expand her knowledge of woodworking. 

We love this dresser distressed with General Finishes Linen

We love that this innovative company, Delta Mill Works in Austin, TX, uses our

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR GROUNDHOG DAY. The General Finishes 2015 Contest Starts February 2nd and runs for 40 days. There are two categories to enter. Enter one or both as often as you wish here