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Rob Szwedo, our finishing expert, made the trip to sunny California and lectured 56 invited Anderson Plywood customers on how to use General Finishes products! John Arenson of Anderson Plywood,

This dresser was brought back to life using General Finishes Jav

GF is proud to announce our September 2016 Retailer of the Month, Silverleaf Interiors!

The Restoration Hardware look is fantastic, but the price can definitely be a turn off.  But GF has good news!  Anastasia Vintage has come up with a technique to acheive a Restoration Hardware inspired look using General Finishes products. 

In this tutorial video Chris Adams and "celebrity guest" Holly Haguewood of Drabs2Fabs show how to glaze a small table with Van Dyke Brown

This week for General Finishes Woodworker Wednesday, we are featuring the very talented Scott Brooks! He creates projects as holiday gifts for family and friends or as donations for charitable events and organizations!

General Finishes is ecstatic to announce Brendan of Worsley Woodworking for this Woodworker Wednesday. Located in the UK, Worsley Woodworking creates exquisite custom bookshelf and office units, tables, chests and more!

We love this gorgeous Bombay chest redo by Chrissie's Collection,, finished in General Finishes Buttermilk Yellow

This kitchen island got a lovely transformation by Nicole from Trash to Treasures.

Cracking Paint

This issue is caused by a change in humidity in the house when the winter heating season starts. This is a very typical problem when painting over existing finishes. The cracking is a result of expansion and contraction. When you apply numerous heavy layers of primers, paints and topcoats they can crack at the joints or angles when the humidity changes. The cracking occurs when the door panel shrinks and breaks the heavy paint layer. 

There are two options when it comes to fixing this problem.