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Orange Oil is General Finishes most popular and natural furniture care product. It can be used on any cured finish and does a superb job of removing everyday dirt and dust. It is often compared to lemon oil; however, the big difference is lemon oil contains mineral spirits.

General Finishes Furniture Cleaner is a heavy-duty mineral spirits-based cleaner designed for deep cleaning a fully cured finish. It's gentle enough to use on fine antiques and tough enough to remove excess wax, grease and oil from kitchen cabinets, millwork and hardwood floors. 

We know of many customers that have found it safe to buff Arm-R-Seal with auto polishes providing that the finish has cured for 7 to 10 days. Since auto polish is a product that GF does not manufacture, be sure to test in a small area to your satisfaction first.

General Finishes Fill Sticks make easy work of wood furniture repair and maintenance. They are a convenient way to fill and hide nicks, gouges and scratches on any shade of interior furniture and woodwork.

Satin Finishing Wax is a special blend of waxes designed to give oil-finished woods a rich luster. It can be used as a polish for rubbing out new finishes or as a scratch-remover for worn surfaces. It works well over both oil- and water-based finishes, including Danish Oil.

General Finishes Outdoor Oil is an exterior-rated penetrating oil that acts a wood maintenance preservative. It contains UV stabilizers, mildew prohibitors, and twice the oil contained in competing brands. Use Outdoor Oil for all exterior outdoor wood projects, particularly wood furniture.

There are several techniques by Jeff Jewitt of Homestead Finishing Products:

Dry buff with Mirka Royal Micro Paper

Using Mirka Royal Micro sandpaper, always start with 1500 grit sandpaper. Begin with a small area, make 2-3 passes, then evaluate results. Go to a heavier grit if surface irregularities are not fully removed. Finish with 1500 grit paper.

Dry/wet buff with Abralon Polishing Discs

For your general purpose, maintenance and production hand sanding needs, we offer a selection of durable 3M cloth and paper sheets in various weight backings. These sheets provide consistent finish and long life. #120, 220 and 400 grit. 50 to a sleeve.

FAQ Category

After your finish has cured, the best way to clean is with a water-damp rag. If your surface requires deep cleaning due to grease or grime build-up, add a speck of detergent or a bit of vinegar to your damp rag.

If need deeper cleaning, use General Finishes Orange Oil Polish.

Avoid using oil-soap or silicone-based daily cleaners or dusting sprays These products and the chemicals in other cleaners can contaminate your finish, preventing adhesion of future finishes. 

NOTE: Do not clean furniture until the finish has cured completely. 

Milk Paint is durable enough to stand up to low or medium wea