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On Wednesdays, we do woodworking! This week's feature is Keira James of Meraki Furniture, a dedicated and passionate furniture designer and maker.


GF is excited to announce our March 2016 Blogger of the Month - Suzanne Bagheri of The Painted Drawer Collection located in North Bethesda, MD! Suzanne creates beautiful, unique pieces and is truly a master of her craft. 

ANSWER: Many mahogany pieces from the late 1920s to early 1930s have an aniline dye lacquer finish which can bleed through no matter how many times you paint or prime over it.

A glaze is a small amount of colorant carried in a clear base (such as Clear Glaze Effects or

General Finishes Oil Based Arm-R-Seal Topcoat

Oil base finishes are "oxidizing" products which simply means that when the finish is introduced to oxygen, it starts a chemical reaction where the resins start to harden up. As the top coat is used, the volume in the can is displaced with air, causing the finish to start curing further. Here are some tips to ensure your Arm-R-Seal remains in great working condition.

You can use GF products over wall paint, but proceed with a caution. Latex wall paints are engineered for a different purpose than wood finishes.

Enduro Pigmented Poly is a high-solids, pigmented water-based wood finish ideal for cabinets and millwork. Stocked in Black and White, custom colors are available for wholesale customers upon request. White and Clear can be used as tint bases to achieve endless colors.

It's a wrap! General Finishes next round of tutorial videos are on their way!  We will be releasing one per week for the month of November so stay tuned.

Decorative Finishes- Distressing, Antique Finishes, Faux Marble and More

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