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Walter Ambrose sure is talented.

General Finishes water-based Pre-Cat Lacquer wood finish uses new technology in the polymer manufacturing process. This novel formula produces a smaller and smoother polymer particle, which translates into a big increase in film clarity.

Answer: General Finishes already adds excellent substrate wetting agents to our


General Finishes is happy to present Matt Plumlee of Got Wood? Workshop for this Woodworker Wednesday! This talented individual sells desk organizers, wall decor, custom furniture and more!

General Finishes White Undercoat is similar to General Finishes Sanding Sealer with the addition of white colorant to provide a primer undercoat for white/off-white wood finishes. The high solids facilitate a fast film build and sand easily. Use as a basecoat for pigmented acrylic finishes.

An unusual combination of oils, urethanes and waxes, Seal-A-Cell Clear has served craftsman for decades as the best wipe-on clear coat to get that "natural" look on beautiful woods. The oils penetrate deep into the wood to highlight the figure of the wood, and the urethane ensures durability.

Answer: Vaseline is not recommended on the rim of the can (called the chime) as it can contaminate a water-based product and may cause surface defects.

In the following faux finish examples, several layers of GF Milk Paints, GF Glaze Effects, GF Wood Stains and GF Top Coats are combined in the tradition of old world craftsmen to create unique, distressed looks in any color palette.

Ideal Conditions are 70 degrees F and 50-70% humidity.

Refinishing furniture in a space that is below or above the 65-75 degrees F range can lead to problems, and a space below 55 degrees F is definitely too cold. One issue caused by cold temperatures with WATER BASED TOP COATS is the development of dimples in the finish called Orange Peel.

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