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Wood Turner's Finish does not need wet sanding. If feel the need for more sheen, dry polish with Merka Abralon 1500-4000 grit or Micro Mesh 4000-8000.

For this weeks General Finishes Woodworker Wednesday series, we are featuring Ruth, aka The WoodGal! Her work spans a range of projects, from trash-to-treasure rehabs to fine custom furniture, like tables and dressers.

General Finishes has released it's next video!  Watch as Tom Monohan and Chris Adams of General Finishes take a raw pine bench from plain and boring to spectacular!

The hardness properties of a wood finish are formulated around the objectives of use. A hard finish is desirable on projects that get heavy wear. The most common are kitchen cabinets and table tops. 

But in other situations, such as an outdoor topcoat, a desired property of the finish is elongation, which allows the topcoat to expand and contract through different extremes of temperature. 

A fun project from Lemonade Woodworking.

These wood pieces were created by a process called Shou-Sugi-Ban, a Japanese tradition of burning wood siding that dates back hundreds of years, by Delta Millworks in Austin, TX.

Ideal Conditions are 70 degrees F and 50-70% humidity.

Refinishing furniture in a space that is below or above the 65-75 degrees F range can lead to problems, and a space below 55 degrees F is definitely too cold. One issue caused by cold temperatures with WATER BASED TOP COATS is the development of dimples in the finish called Orange Peel.


It depends! Read on, or watch this GF video demonstration:

*Here are the main questions to ask yourself:

Begin with the end in mind

Wood finishing is fun and easy. Don't rush through finishing a piece of furniture as if it is a race. Imagine how it will look finished in your home in living color. Set up a good prep area. Turn on some tunes. Get creative and enjoy the journey.

Today we'd like to share with you this gorgeous table that was built and finished by Marion Lovett for his own home. This project was quite the challenge considering the table weighs in at about 800-900 lbs!  It is 8" around and made of old oak barn wood.

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