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Begin with the end in mind

Wood finishing is fun and easy. Don't rush through finishing a piece of furniture as if it is a race. Imagine how it will look finished in your home in living color. Set up a good prep area. Turn on some tunes. Get creative and enjoy the journey.

Enduro-Var wood finish is a self-crosslinking polyurethane that looks more like an oil varnish than a water coating. It ambers slightly, is highly water resistant, and is both sprayable and brushable.

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GF advises extra care and prep when applying any finish over laminate surfaces because they are specifically designed not to mar and therefore they are not very "sand-able", making adherence difficult. In addition to this non-permeable surface factor, Gel Stain is an oil based product, and it is more difficult to obtain proper drying characteristics over a dense manufactured surface such as laminate. Gel stains, as all wood stains, were formulated to go over raw wood which has an "open" surface and can absorb some of the stain.

ANSWER: Any GF Water-Based Finish can be removed from a mirror using 0000 steel wool and Windex. However, you can prevent a mistake from happening by applying Frisket first. More details below:

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It would depend on whether you plan to use the furniture outside or under the protection of a roof. Theoretically, both water and oil products could be used. For example, you could "antique" wicker with thinned Gel Stain to pop up the color depth on an aging piece of natural wicker, but oil products are not exterior rated and

Gel Stain is very thick making it cumbersome to apply and wipe off on a highly textured surface such as wicker. In general, we would recommend using water based finishes on wicker because they can be spayed.

This organic, original wood table was finished with General Finishes Arm-

Got the blues? We sure do... Coastal Blue, that is!

First, we recommend testing your surface to get a sense for the color present in your wood. To do this, wipe the surface down with mineral spirits (if you are expecting to use an oil finish) or plain water (if you are expecting to use a water based finish).


It depends! Read on, or watch this GF video demonstration:

*Here are the main questions to ask yourself:

Not even King Midas could create a gold this rich and radiant!

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