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Answer: General Finishes already adds excellent substrate wetting agents to our

Enduro-Var wood finish is a self-crosslinking, oil-modified, water-based polyurethane that looks more like an oil varnish than a water coating. It ambers slightly, is highly water resistant, and is both sprayable and brushable.

Water Based Dye Stain penetrates deep into the wood and

ANSWER: Any GF Water-Based Finish can be removed from a mirror using 0000 steel wool and Windex. However, you can prevent a mistake from happening by applying Frisket first. More details below:

General Finishes water-based Pre-Cat Lacquer wood finish uses new technology in the polymer manufacturing process. This novel formula produces a smaller and smoother polymer particle, which translates into a big increase in film clarity.

An unusual combination of oils, urethanes and waxes, Seal-A-Cell Clear has served craftsman for decades as the best wipe-on clear coat to get that "natural" look on beautiful woods. The oils penetrate deep into the wood to highlight the figure of the wood, and the urethane ensures durability.

GF Milk Paints are self-sealing so it is n

Begin with the end in mind

Wood finishing is fun and easy. Don't rush through finishing a piece of furniture as if it is a race. Imagine how it will look finished in your home in living color. Set up a good prep area. Turn on some tunes. Get creative and enjoy the journey.

Answer: Vaseline is not recommended on the rim of the can (called the chime) as it can contaminate a water-based product and may cause surface defects.


It depends! Read on, or watch this GF video demonstration:

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