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Get a look as delicious as chocolate truffles with Tawny Pearl Effects applied over two coats of Dark Chocolate Milk Paint!

Red never looked so good!

Maple is one of the most difficult woods to achieve a dark, uniform stain color on because it is a dense, closed grain wood and often absorbs stain very unevenly. General Finishes Gel Stains or Water Based Stains usually will perform very well because they are more topical than traditional liquid oil stains, and contain more colorants. 

John Mosconi of Sting King Lutherie in Akron, Ohio takes us on his journey of refinishing this mandola.

Step 1: Prep and Sealing

"It's our favorite day of the week - Woodworker Wednesday! This week we're featuring veritable woodworking legend, Marc Spagnuolo of The Wood Whisperer! Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the trade, The Wood Whisperer is a valuable resource for all things woodworking.

Putty comes in two forms, pre-colored or as a stainable wood filler designed to fill minor imperfection such as nail holes, cracks, and gouges in the wood surface. Putty will display stain a bit differently than wood, so it is not a "perfect" fix, but a good one. The goal is to get the best possible color match to either the color of the raw wood or the color of your existing finish.

ANSWER: For ideal results, GF recommends applying finish with a spray gun and putting your project on a rotating lazy susan.

The most critical part of finishing a piece of furniture happens before you open a can of stain or paint - it starts with the sanding. Sanding is critical to create a smooth surface.

Use the following sanding seqences for new wood:


  • For wood that is going to be PAINTED use 120 grit, followed by 150 grit. 


We named our product Milk Paint with the intention of putting a clear, bright, contemporary spin on an old fashioned furniture paint tradition. With that said, GF's Milk Paint is not a true Milk Paint as it does not contain any milk powder.

Achieve high-end style to rival Michelangelo with our new

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