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General Finishes Ready To Match (RTM) Stain System is a water-based stain color-matching system designed to make your color-matching ability a breeze. This system consists of 10 standard stain bases and a clear that are intermixed to make 150 rich, deep wood stain colors.

See Jason Bedre's latest project, a custom perfume maker's desk "organ" in Mahogany. Finished in General Finishes' Satin Endurovar.

Well it is BLACK, not grey, not charcoal, just black. On a history note, Lamp black was traditionally produced by collecting soot, also known as lampblack, from oil lamps.

This dresser was brought back to life using General Finishes Jav

We love seeing our products in stores and put to creative use.

General Finishes is happy to announce our November 2016 Retailer of the Month, Vinterest Antiques of Hixson, TN.

Melissa Harvey used General Finishes Java Gel Stain to update her

GF is proud to announce our September 2016 Retailer of the Month, Silverleaf Interiors!

We love this gorgeous Bombay chest redo by Chrissie's Collection,, finished in General Finishes Buttermilk Yellow