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Advantages of Water Based Pro Floor Stain


General Finishes introduces it's new water based floor stain. Pro Floor Stain will challenge the conventional wisdom of using oil base products. For 25 years General Finishes has devoted itself to engineering the best water based stains and finishes available. Our dedication to this task has placed us as the premier water based company in America; we simply know water chemistry better than anyone else.  Check out NEW Pro Floor Stain is a revolutionary water based finish:

-Color range and brilliance are the hallmarks of this stain

-18 intermixable base colors create an unlimited color pallet of deep, rich colors not attainable with solvent based products. 

-Customers can choose a color from 144 formulated stains colors using our color matching system.

-It's easy to plan exits & runs as you can walk back over the stain in 10 minutes.

-The stain is easily repairable and tonable on the job.

-You can stain and seal coat in one day - Stains dry for recoating in 3-5 hours (humidity dependant)

-No water popping necessary

-New pigmentation system offers superior UV stability & brilliant color

-No strong solvent vapors, no combustion concerns, easy water clean-up

-VOC compliant throughout U.S.

 -Sq. Ft. coverage is 30% greater than oil stains




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