Water Based Wood Floor Stains | General Finishes

Pro Floor Stain is a new revolutionary water based finish:

  • Easy to plan exits & runs as you can walk back over the stain in 10 minutes
  • Easily repairable on the job
  • Stains dry for recoating in 2-4 hours (humidity dependant), you can stain and seal coat in one day
  • 19 intermixable base colors create an unlimited color pallet of deep, rich colors
  • New pigmentation system offers superior UV stability & brilliant color
  • No strong solvent vapors, no combustion concerns, easy water clean-up
  • VOC compliant throughout U.S. Sq. Ft. coverage is 30% greater than oil stains


The Waterbase Pro Floor Stain System offers revolutionary rich, intermixable colors. You receive 72 custom color chips on Maple and Oak, supplied in an attractive wooden box for a professional looking stain display.  Each chip is labeled with the formula right on the chip for quick, easy reference.

Use the CMS Pro Floor System to create your own custom color floor stains. Colors can by mixed by weight or volume allowing you to make consistent colors time after time as shown below.  RTM Pro Floor stains are designed to be used with Pro Sealer and Pro Shield top coats.

Pro Floor Stain represents the most recent advancements in technologies for the floor industry and has many advantages over traditional floor stains:

  • Water based
  • Low odor and VOC compliant 
  • Can be applied and hand wiped or buffed in
  • Use on native and exotic species of wood
  • Exceptional resistance to pigment settling
  • Superior fade resistance
  • Fast dry times
  • Can be sealed or coated over the same day
  • Stain rags will not spontaneously combust
  • Add Pro Stain to Pro Sealer to create a custom tone to a new wood floor or to enhance stain color
  • Use Pro Floor Stain with General Finishes Pro Products to create a truly unique color concept called Veining Part of a fully non-combustible finishing system



Stock Colors

Clear 300

Neutral 301

White 319

Amber Oak 303

Gold 304

Ginger 305

Hickory 306

Orange 307

Sedona 308

Cabernet 309

Deep Red 310

Antique Brown 311

Provincial 312

Tobacco 313

Cocobolo 314

Kona 315

Onyx 316


Jet Black 317

Blue 318

General Finishes Stain System offers 19 intermixable stock colors that allow you to create a limitless color pallet. Match from our 72 color chips or create your own.

STOCK COLORS: Amber Oak, Antique Brown, Blue, Cabernet, Clear Base, Cocobolo, Deep Red, Ginger, Gold, Hickory, Jet Black, Kona, Neutral, Onyx, Orange, Provincial, Sedona, Tobacco, White


Application Brochures


  • Contains a renewable-resource resin whose excellent wetting properties yield 30% greater coverage than oil stains.

USE: Hardwood Floor Stain  ADDITIVES: Stain Glide
SANDING: Sand floor using NWFA specifications. We highly advise finishing with a 120 grit screen.
WATER POPPING can slightly darken a floor, but Pro Stains are designed to achieve one coat color. If you water pop, you may stain immediately as Pro Stain is water based.

Tips for Hand Application With T-Bar or Roller:

  • IMPORTANT: Record moisture meter readings in several places before staining the floor. These readings will provide a benchmark at later stages to determine when the floor is dry enough to apply another coat.
  • MIXING STAIN: Mix stain thoroughly before using.
  • If conditions are dry and warm, restrict the amount of air flow, increase the application rate, and block direct sunlight by closing shades or blinds.
  • Paint Pad or roll a liberal amount of Pro Stain to manageable area and wipe off the excess in the direction of the grain using Terry cloth or thermal huck
  • Ragging on: is not recommended.
  • Apply the Pro Stain to an area about 2 feet wide or whatever width is comfortable for you to reach to wipe off. Apply with the grain and keep to a board edge for best results. 
  • Use the correct rags. Thermal blanket or terry cloth rags work best. Do Not use tee shirt rags, they are not absorbent enough and will end up smearing the stain. 
  • Wipe with the grain in a straight line with a flat folded rag, not across the grain. Use a light touch, all you want to do is pick up the excess, not remove the color. Use a second rag to blend any heavy areas missed by the first rag. 
  • Apply the next strip of Pro Stain trying not to overlap the wiped area by more than 14 to 12 inches. Apply enough stain to the overlap with the applicator pad to re-wet the Pro Stain. 
  • Wipe from the previous wiped dry side into the wet. Do not carry the wet Pro Stain over the previously wiped area as it can show laps. 
  • Do allow to dry at least 4 hours before applying Pro Sealer. For best results, the floor should be checked with a moisture meter to make sure all the water has left the Pro Stain film. 
  • If you have dry conditions or high heat, add 10-20% of General Finishes Stain Glide. This will help wiping and overlapping issues. 
  • When applying the first coat of Pro Sealer use a 3/8 micro fiber roller.

Tips for Application With a Buffer:

  • Mix the stain thoroughly.  
  • Add 10-20% of STAIN GLIDE to a gallon or the PRO STAIN and stir together. 
  • If mixing colors, do that before adding the STAIN GLIDE.
  • Always do a test panel to check stain color before proceeding.
  • Apply stain to edges and wipe leaving a wet edge. Do the starting wall and down 2-3 ft of the butt ends. Do not do the entire room.
  • Do a large enough strip to prevent the buffer from touching the wall. Feather out the butt ends to prevent a hard line, but leave a wet edge of stain on the floor. 
  • Using a roller or paint pad, apply a single strip of stain with the grain next to the hand wiped starting strip.  Do not leave any puddles. Wipe up excess from any drips.
  • Using a thick white pad,  buff the stain,  spreading it out and blending the new strip with the previously stained area. Blend with the edges.  
  • Buff until uniform. Repeat until the room is done.
  • When applying additional stain to the floor, apply next to the buffed areas. Always apply stain with the grain. 
  • Change pad as necessary to prevent build up and grabbing the stain.  
  • Any bad areas can be re-wet with the PRO STAIN mix and re-buffed.
  • The stained floor can be walked on carefully after drying 10 - 15 minutes under ideal conditions. This allows you to do entry areas first and work your way back to them to finish the floor.
  • General Finishes recommends the use of tape lines to mark off larger areas and work back to the tape line to prevent lap lines. 
  • When the moisture content of the floor has returned to its original readings (usually 1-3 hours) apply the PRO SEALER with a micro fiber roller.

DRY TIMES: 2 to 4 hours under ideal conditions (70 degrees / 70% humidity). The best method for judging dryness accurately is to use moisture meter readings.

COVERAGE: 500/800 sq.ft. per gal

CLEAN UP: Soap and water

SHELF LIFE: 1 year unopened

EXTERIOR USE: Not for exterior use

ODOR: Mild


PACKAGING: 1/2 Gallon plastic (6 per case) and Gallon plastic (4 per case) 

VOC: Less than 250 grams per liter

ASTM D 2243


Material Safety Data Sheets