How to Layer General Finishes Java Gel Stains to Create a New Color

July 27 2013
Prep sand the table
  • Prep sand the table
  • Stir Stains Thoroughly
  • Apply First Coat of Nutmeg Gel Stain LIBERALLY
  • Wipe Off Excess Stain With Clean Cloth or Paper Towel
  • Continue to Wipe Off Excess Stain, Turning Cloth to Clean Side
  • Continue to Stain One Section At a Time
  • Finish wiping each section
  • Wipe stain off adjacent areas as you work
  • Clean excess stain from corners with a bristle brush
  • Check all sections carefully and remove any excess stain
  • Use liquid oil base stain to fill in crevices or tight corners
  • First coat of Nutmeg Gel Stain complete
  • Lightly sand with Ultra Fine Sanding Pad
  • Repeat the process with second coat of Java Gel stain, starting with a LIBERAL a
  • Polish off the excess stain, changing the cloth or paper towel as needed
  • Table complete with second coat of Java Gel Stain
  • Sand lightly if needed and apply 2 - 3 coats of Gel Satin Topcoat
  • Finished Table with Java Gel Stain layered over Nutmeg, 3 coats of Gel Satin Top

Click on the first photo and follow along with this photo tutorial as we finish a walnut table with 1 coat of Java Gel Stain over Nutmeg Gel Stain. Completed with 3 coats of Gel Satin Topcoat. Table design by John Harryman. Find more information about General Finishes Gel Stains here.