PolyAcrylic Water Based Top Coat

This crystal clear environment friendly finish is rated by Fine Woodworking magazine as "Best Brush-on" in a competition of national brands. It is our standard "work horse" top coat and can be used in furniture and woodwork.

Formulated to be durable and consumer friendly, it flows and levels easily and has great adhesion characteristics. It has strong sag resistance for vertical surfaces and its higher polyurethane content provides greater durability than other polyurethane/acrylic blends. Once you use PolyAcrylic Blend you will say to yourself, "Fine Woodworking was right on!"

Available in the following sheens, Flat, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss.


PolyAcrylic top coat is our everyday Acrylic and Urethane water base top coat, which produces a beautiful furni- ture quality finish.  Low VOC , Low odor

  • Sheens: Flat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens.
  • Recommended uses: windows, book- cases, wall shelves, furniture, toys, dressers, stools, millwork, doors
  • Additives: Crosslinker, add to give extra durability, water and chemical resis- tance.
  • Sealer: General Finishes Sanding Sealer Or self seals and can be used alone
  • Use: Indoor Use Only
  • Color tone: Water White
  • Application: Acrylic brush, foam brush, paint pad applicator, or spray
  • Recoat: 1-2 hours
  • Cleanup: Soap and warm water
  • Coverage: 150 sq. ft/qt
  • Coats: normally 3, additional coats can be applied
  • Sanding: On bare wood sand to 180, and 220 for more open grained woods. Do not sand stains before top coating.
  • VOC: <275g/l (2.25lbs/gal.)


  • What is the difference between PolyAcrylic and the High Performance? High Performance has a higher urethane content, it contains UV stabilizers, it is more durable, chemical and water resistant than the Poly Acrylic. Use the High Performance for items that need more durability such as table tops, desks, kitchen cup- board.
    Can I use PolyAcrylic on bare wood, and what color tone will I get? Yes, you can use PolyAcrylic on its own to seal bare wood. PolyAcrylic self seals and is water white so it will add no color to any wood. Woods such as Maple, Pine, Paduke and Purple heart will stay as true to color with no amber tint. Woods such as Wal- nut and Cherry will not be enhanced with this top coat, use the Enduro-Var top coat instead.
    Can I use shellac under the PolyAcrylic? Yes only one light coat, dewaxed, 1# cut, and sand before ap- plying the PolyAcrylic for adherence.
    Can I use PolyAcrylic to over coat latex wall paint? Yes but latex needs to dry 10-14 days or you will get cracking or blushing. A better option for paint, General Finishes Milk Paint levels great and you can top coat with the PolyAcrylic or High Performance the next day.
    Can I add color to PolyAcrylic to add color to my project with out staining it? Yes PolyAcrylic can be used as a toner. Add 5% of any of General Finish dye stain to the PolyAcrylic, which will enhance the color tone. Amber or Vintage Cherry work great or a 50/50 combination of both, for a nice oiled look.
    Can I use the PolyAcrylic over oil base stains? Yes PolyAcrylic can be applied over any stain as long as it is dry. For standard oil base stains 24-48 hour wait time, water base stains and dyes 1-2 hours. Not rec- ommended over any long oils such as Linseed oil, Danish Oils.
    How do I apply the top coat with out getting any bubbles or overlaps? Apply liberally to ensure worka- bility. Brush on using full, wet coats of finish with long, overlapping strokes. Do not over work this product, it starts drying right away. Catch a missed area on the next pass. If you are doing large areas such as tables or doors, use a Handi Painter applicator or larger brush.
  • Can I use PolyAcrylic for finishing floors or table tops, Kitchen cabinets? No use the High Performance plus the GF Crosslinker additive or Enduro-Var for a more durable water resistant top coat.

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