General Finishes Flooring Friday - Star Design

February 14 2014
General Finishes Floor Star Design

This awesome Star floor design was created last month when Tom Monahan, our General Finishes expert, had shown Finland's Connor Sport’s Floors what General Finishes products can accomplish for their flooring needs. The star design was made to show them what General Finishes can look like when you use Frog Tape for clean looking lines. 

Tom gave us the process in how to accomplish this awesome star design and what General Finishes products he used to make it.

"To make the star I used:

  1. GF Pro Floor Stain #317 Jet Black and #310 Deep Red
  2. I applied two coats of Deep Red first. I allowed the stain to dry for about three hours.
  3. I then covered the stain with tape and applied two coats of the Jet Black.
  4. I laid out the border design with long ruler and Frog tape.
  5. I then decided to put 4 little stars in the corner for an added effect. 
  6. All together it took about 30 minutes to layout the border.
  7. For the inside border I used #306 Hickory and outside border #316 Onyx (a darker color). I let each color dry for about two to three hours before taping and moving onto the next color.
  8. Once the stains were completely dry ( about four hours) I applied one coat of Pro Sealer and 2 Coats of Pro Image Gloss Finish.

This project was to demonstrate how easily the Pro Floor Wood Stains can be used to create nice clean lines using Frog tape."

What a neat floor design Tom.

Now you know how you can create this unique and awesome star design in your own personal gym or man cave.