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GF's Annual Design Contest

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR GROUNDHOG DAY. The General Finishes 2015 Contest Starts February 2nd and runs for 40 days. There are two categories to enter. Enter one or both as often as you wish here


Best design using multiple products on cabinets, doors or furniture furniture for those of you who stay up all night painting madly. e.g., topcoat over a glaze over distressed paints. Any manufacturers products are welcome as long as ONE of General Finishes' products is included in the design (we believe there is room for a variety of beautiful paints and finishes in the marketplace). Entrants will be asked to provide a photo and list the products and colors used.

2) THE MAD SCIENTIST CONTEST - Best custom color mix on furniture, cabinets, doors, etc.

This can be a mix of any of General Finishes' Milk Paints. Entrants must include their mad scientist formula, a name for their formula and a photo. The photo can be a piece of furniture, a sample board with the color on it, or just pour it into a white plate and take a closeup photo.

Top winners in each category will be selected via an online vote. All designs will be displayed in our new Design Center at designs.generalfinishes.com with all the how-to details listed. Each contest will have a set of prizes. Any manner of shenanigans to increase your votes are encouraged. High quality, well staged images are also encouraged - we have additional "Staging" prizes for the best staged photos to be selected by the GF team. The contest entry page is here. You will be sent a notice to vote the first week in March announcing when it is time to vote!

Here is a sneak preview of of the contest entry page.

GOLD SPONSOR - General Finishes is sponsoring "tool package" gift certificates from Woodcraft.


Earlex, Inc., now owned by Wagner, and head-quartered in Charlotte, N.C., is a leading brand worldwide in HVLP technology paint sprayers, steam wallpaper strippers and heat tools with sales across more than 20 countries.


Muddaritaville Studio
Western Michigan

CONTEST PRIZES- Both categories will receive the following:

FIRST Prize - choice of one of the following:

  1. Celebrity Status: Bathe in the spotlight of a featured appearance on an upcoming GF video shoot demonstrating your favorite technique using GF products or simply acting as an assistant. All expenses paid trip to WI to participate in one of our video shoots in June or July of 2015 (The only nice time to come to Wisconsin).
  2. Social Media Promotional Package: 3 Sponsored & promoted Facebook posts with custom graphics.
  3. $400 tool package certificate redeemable at Woodcraft
  4. 2 Cases GF product in quarts

SECOND Prize, choice of one of the following

  1. Earlex 5500 Spray Station from Earlex
  2. Two Cases GF product - one case quarts & one case pints

THIRD PRIZE - $100 tool package certificate redeemable at Woodcraft

FOURTH prize - Surprise Gift Box of "Products Everyone Loves"

BEST STAGING Prizes (for the most beautifully photographed and accessorized images): one of the following

Staging winners will be selected by the GF team. Judging will be based on size of image, quality of lighting, and accessories. Merit will be given to images that are at least 1000 pixels wide - the new standard for social medial channels.

  • Stencil Gift Certificate from Muddaritaville
  • Bristle Brushes Gift Box from Chalk Supply
  • Hardware/Knobs Gift Certificate from D.Lawless Hardware
  • A set of General Finishes new Pearl Coats