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Customer Image Upload Form

Thank you for Using General Finishes products and sharing your photos with us!

Please upload your images using the form below. We have the following requirements for images:

  • A list of the GF products and colors used in your project.
  • Well-staged and well-lit pictures (Dark images or blurry images are often too difficult to salvage, and pictures with a clean, appealing background, etc. will be prioritized.)
  • A working link to your professional Business Facebook page or website if you have one.
  • Images are welcome from those who do not have a business refinishing furniture!

General Finishes is Social Media interactive and promotes our customers and fans via our website, retailer directory, blog, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.  Please notify of us of your work by sharing on our Facebook page and tell us what Milk Paint color, gel, glaze, and topcoat you used as well as any special finishing effects.

Also tag us with #GeneralFinishes or @GeneralFinishesCorporation in your Facebook posts. We will link back to you and share your work across our social media channels.

Thanks from the gang at GF.

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