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Thank you for finding us in the Green Building and Design magazine, to learn how and why you should switch to water-based finishes. GB&D is the leading information source for sustainability professionals. Connecting green building professionals by partnering with those at the forefront of sustainable design, development, planning, and policy is their top priority. Please fill out the contact form below to find out more about General Finishes water borne products.    

General Finishes as Seen in Green Building and Design"Wood coatings have reached a new inflection point in recent years. Where once the prevailing finishes were made of waxes, oils and toxic ingredients, there is now an emerging market of water-based wood finishes that surpass their traditional counterparts in quality and user expectations. General Finishes, a Wisconsin-based wood coatings manufacturer founded in 1928, has been a pioneer in the water-based technology revolution.

General Finishes works relentlessly to formulate high-quality water-borne coatings equal to or better than any oil or solvent finish. "Many people are surprised at the quality of today's water-based finishes and they're getting better all the time," says Ryan Denny, General Finishes Technical Director."

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