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If you aren't using water-based finishes now, you will be in 5 years. Wood coatings have reached a new inflection point. There is now an emerging market of water-based wood finishes that surpass their traditional counterparts in quality and user expectations. General Finishes, a Wisconsin-based wood coatings manufacturer founded in 1928, has been a pioneer in the water-based technology revolution.

General Finishes works relentlessly to formulate high-quality water-borne coatings equal to or better than any oil or solvent finish. "Many people are surprised at the quality of today's water-based finishes and they're getting better all the time," says Ryan Denny, General Finishes Technical Director.



General Finishes as Seen in Green Building and Design July 2021


"Applying a finish goes hand-in-hand with woodworking, but it's a completely different skill. And it's not easy to get a perfect finish. Brushed or sprayed on finishes often end up with "dust nibs" that you need to sand out, or on vertical surfaces these finishes can easily sag or drip. I've switched to General Finishes Gel Topcoat. It's about as close to foolproof as you can get. 

Just slop it on with any old brush, wipe it off with a clean, soft rag and let it dry. You'll still need to sand lightly between coats, and you'll need to apply more coats than you do with a brushed-on finish to build up a protective film, But the results are worth it. You'll end up with that high-end "in the wood" look and feel to your finish, as opposed to the look of a layer of plastic sitting on the wood. Find General Finishes Gel Topcoat online or at specialty woodworking retailers."

- Senior Editor, Brad Holden

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GF Gel Satin Topcoat As Seen In Family Handyman Magazine April 2022