Industrial, OEM & Manufacturer Account Application Form

Don't have the wood finish you want? We can CUSTOM formulate wood coatings for your industrial or OEM objectives.General Finishes is America's leading provider of innovative water-based finishes for wood, pre-primed steel and fibergass product MANUFACTURERS with industrial, flatline, hang and OEM applications. We also offer a full line of oil-based finishes. Fill out this form to be contacted by a personal service representative who will meet with you, assess your needs, and customize a personalized coatings program to meet your finishing objectives. $5000 minimum annual spend required. You can look forward to advanced technology finishes and superior service. $5000 minimum annual spend required. MADE IN THE USA. 

General Finishes Custom Services for Manufacturers

  1. One of our teams will visit your manufacturing facility to find out what your process is, what you are currently using and what you like about the finishing product you are using.
  2. We ask a lot of discovery questions to pinpoint the problems. Sometimes it is not the finish. It might be your preparation process, your machinery or environment. 
  3. We find out where you want to improve and go back to the General Finishes with samples of your substrate.
  4. Then we send samples of our stock products for your finishers to use and test. Then we head to our lab to find to solution for your finishing problems.
  5. Then we deliver your custom finish, visiting your facility again to watch your people use the custom finish on your substrate, your machinery and in your environment. This gives us real world answers and data to assess if the customized material will work.
  6. If we believe in your project and your people, we will go all the way to get the finishes to work, sometimes tweaking 4 or 5 times until you are happy. We usually can identify your problem and get a product solution out to you quickly because our lab is on site under one roof. This gives General Finishes great agility.
  7. We will continue to check in with you to monitor your process, often making suggestions on equipment, finishing set up, and arrangement.