Get The Look - Argentine, Tawny and Bronze Pearl Effects Over Queenstown Gray Milk Paint

Achieve the look of antique mercury glass with this gorgeous combination! Get the look with Argentine, Tawny and Bronze Pearl Effects stippled over two coats of Queenstown Gray Milk Paint.

Combine Argentine Pearl with at least 10% Extender and sweep the mixture over the entire area using a round brush. With a clean cloth, dab the paint to create texture in a random pattern. (Note: t-shirt material will not create as much texture as something like a terrycloth or even Bounty paper towel.) Allow some of the Queenstown Gray to show through for added depth. Once you finish texturizing, add a small amount of Bronze and Tawny using separate artist brushes in random areas to create an aged look, dabbing with the same cloth to blend.

Allow the piece to dry overnight. Don't forget, always apply Pearl Effects over a wood surface that has been sealed with our waterbased milk paint or topcoat, and then protect your new finish with a waterbased topcoat, like High Performance or Flat Out Flat.

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