Get the Look - Champagne, Tawny and Bronze Pearl Effects over Snow White Milk Paint

Achieve high-end style to rival Michelangelo with our new Pearl Effects! Mimic the look of marble with Champagne, Tawny and Bronze Pearl Effects stippled over two coats of Snow White Milk Paint

Start by combining Champagne Pearl with 15% Extender and stippling over the entire area, letting some Snow White show through for extra dimension. With a small artist brush, add "veins" using Bronze Pearl; dab generously over the veins to achieve more color and depth. Repeat this process with a new artist brush and Tawny Pearl, again dabbing over the area for depth. You may also paint on a little Bronze or Tawny in various areas for added interest. Add another layer of the same color to both the Bronze and Tawny veins, maintaining some dark and light areas to create dimension.

Finally, use a new artist brush and add Champagne Pearl along the vein outlines to enhance the character of the piece. Allow the piece to dry overnight. Don't forget, always apply Pearl Effects over a wood surface that has been sealed with our waterbased milk paint or topcoat, and then protect your new finish with water-based topcoat, such as High Performance or Flat Out Flat.