Is GF's Milk Paint a True Milk Paint?

We named our product Milk Paint with the intention of putting a clear, bright, contemporary spin on an old fashioned furniture paint tradition. With that said, GF's Milk Paint is not a true Milk Paint as it does not contain any milk powder. Our product is carefully engineered for durability and ease of application. It is a mineral based acrylic and comes pre-mixed rather than in a powder form. All you have to do is prep your piece, stir the can and get started!

Here are some other qualities that make our Milk Paint stand out:

-If applied properly, it should not chip, flake or scratch off.

-It's self-sealing. No additional sealant is not required if low to medium wear is expected. If extra durability is desired or high levels of wear expected, GF recommends adding High Performance Top Coat as a sealant.

-It's durable on outdoor projects

-It's UV resistant, water resistant and scratch resistant

-It has a thin consistency that can be sprayed. So can our water based top coats!

-It can be mixed with other Milk Paints as well as our water based Glazes, Stains, Dyes, Pearl Effects, and Top Coats!

-It does not crystalize around the can's lid


-GF's Milk Paint is pre-mixed, but it still should always be stirred thoroughly before use.

-GF's Milk Paint is water resistant, but no finish is impervious to standing water. We always recommend that you wipe up spills as they occur.

-GF's Milk Paint does not naturally chip, flake or scratch off, but those techniques can be implemented intentionally if desired.

-GF's Milk Paint is very durable, but it is intended for wood surfaces and so it is essential that you test first before applying it to any other surface.

WARNING/WARRANTY: GF's Milk Paint should be tested before it is ever applied on top of or in combination with another company's product.

Scratch Test: GF considers a quality finish to be one that does not scrape off easily. If applied properly, our product should not be marred by a fingernail scratch.

Sealant: GF's Milk Paint does not require sealing, especially for lesser used pieces such as a coffee table. We recommend our High Performance water based top coat if you want to increase the sheen, or for more durability in high traffic areas such as a table top or kitchen cabinets. Waxes are optional, but not recommended as they are not as durable, show fingerprints, and need to be maintained on a regular basis.