How to Create a Restoration Hardware Look with GF Milk Paint and Glaze

The Restoration Hardware look is fantastic, but the price can definitely be a turn off.  But GF has good news!  Anastasia Vintage has come up with a technique to acheive a Restoration Hardware inspired look using General Finishes products. 

Anastasia used General Finishes Driftwood Milk Paint, Winter White and Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects, Enduro Extender, High Performance Topcoat  an artist's brush as well as a good quality paint brush. 

Her technique involves applying layers of these products.  Start with one layer of Driftwood. Once dry,  seal with High Performance Topcoat.  Next, make a 5:1 mix of Winter White Glaze Effects and Enduro Extender.  Apply a thin coat of this glaze with the artist's brush.  Remove some of the excess glaze with the paint brush using long strokes.  Use a "feathering" motion to create a soft look. Once this layer is dry, apply a 1:1  Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects/Extender mix with the same "paint-on, feather-off" method as before.  This layer will be thin as to not overpower your gray coat underneath.  Feel free to add more Winter White or Van Dyke Brown for more shadows and highlights.  Once your piece is fully dried, seal the entire piece with High Performance Topcoat.  

This technique is fantastic!  Awesome use of GF products Anastasia!!

Check out Anastasia Vintage's blog post to get more details,…

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Happy Finishing!