A Sprayer Full of High Performance Top Coat and a Little Bad Luck

What do you get with a sprayer full of High Performance Top Coat and a little bad luck? One hilarious (and unfortunate) story!

A GF user shared her tragic mishap with us, and it was so funny we had to share! Just as she went to put the lid on a sprayer FULL of HPTC, it toppled over and she found herself wearing - and standing in - 12 oz of sticky top coat. Since she had no change of clothes, she ended up stuffing her wet pants with paper so she wouldn't end up with Satin-sealed thighs!

"Somebody laugh with me so I don't cry... All I could think of was "Not my top coat!" Money down the drain. So sad! My sister just walked in and her jaw is still open... well, in between her laughter."

We feel your pain - anyone in this business has experienced something like this or been really close to a disaster at least once! Thanks for a good laugh!