Woodworker Wednesday - Ryan Kneeland of Kneeland Designs

"We're kicking off our new series, Woodworker Wednesday, with the work of the incredibly talented Ryan Kneeland of Kneeland Designs! Ryan recently completed an impressive seven-piece series for the Santa Barbara Zoo, including an African lion, Humboldt penguin, Chilean flamingo, Masai giraffe, golden lion tamarin, poison dark frog, and the tree of life using hundreds of hand-cut and custom-dyed pieces in his unique 3-D layering technique!

Ryan says, "I've been mixing and matching your dyes like crazy for these projects and with a few exceptions all of the colors on these projects were achieved with a combination of the Oil Based Wood Stains and Water Based Dye Stains! I can't stop talking about how much I love your products. I just bought 12 different cans of your Milk Paint colors to use on my next project, can't wait to show it off!"

Check out Ryan's process in this awesome video filmed by Bloo Note Productions

See more of his work on Instagram at @kneelanddesigns, on Pinterest at @ryankneeland, on Facebook at KneelandDesigns, and follow him on Twitter at @Kneelanddesigns.

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