E-Commerce & Marketing Policies

E-Commerce Policy

General Finishes supports our business partners through customer service, sales training, instructional videos, social media channels, marketing materials and our commitment to quality products. We also support our e-commerce (Amazon, Jet.com, Walmart, etc.) vendors by controlling correct content, the extent of commitment, accurate representation of the GF brand and the dependability of service, including reliable shipping and returns. Currently, there are more than 30 parties selling GF products on e-commerce sites. Many of these sellers are not living up to our customer-service standards and, as a result, damaging the GF brand. In order to protect General Finishes marketing identity and reputation, we are restricting e-commerce sales to a select few authorized vendors. Most of these vendors are not retailers and only specialize in e-commerce sales. However, we welcome our authorized retailers and distributors to sell via their own websites. Please contact your General Finishes account representative with questions regarding this new policy.

Online Marketing Guidelines


  • Use of the General Finishes logo in posts or on your website as long as you represent yourself as a distributor or retailer for General Finishes.
  • Sharing content from or to General Finishes social media channels or website. Our marketing team will further promote your content on all General Finishes social media channels.
  • Use of the term "General Finishes" in product page URLs and descriptions on your website.

Not permissible

  • Representing yourself as "being General Finishes" in text, images or URLs. A viewer should be able to easily distinguish you as a distributor or retailer of General Finishes, and NOT confuse you for General Finishes Corporation, without having to read the fine print.
  • On websites, you may not use a top-level domain that is solely "General Finishes," nor include General Finishes in your main page name or URL without a distinguishing identifier that you represent another territory or country as a retailer or distributor. For example: PERMISSIBLE: www.GeneralFinishesIrelandDistributor.ie. NOT PERMISSIBLE: GeneralFinishes.ie.
  • Regarding social media channels and blogs, you may not use General Finishes as a page name, nor include General Finishes in your main channel name, nor include the term "General Finishes" in the channel url without a distinguishing identifier. Your social media urls should represent your business.
  • Using the General Finishes logo as the MAIN identifying logo on any social media channel, website or blog.


  • Post on General Finishes's Facebook page any time. We will promote that post on all of our social media channels.
  • Support services are presented online for you.
  • All of General Finishes product and marketing images are available for download from Box.