How Do I Fix My Cabinets After The White Paint has Yellowed?

Our recommendation to fix white cabinets that have yellowed is to do a thorough sanding and precleaning and recoat with the following products:

  1. Prep clean and scuff sand for adhesion.
  2. Apply Stain Blocker from GF's line. Many contractors use an oil-based or shellac-based primer.
  3. Finish sand between coats.
  4. Apply another coat of durable, cabinet-grade wood coatings paint, not wall paint. From General Finishes line, choose Brushable White Enamel or professional Enduro White Poly.
  5. Do not apply a topcoat as that can cause yellowing.

This is an industry-wide issue - read this FAQ for more details about how to prevent light colored paint from yellowing and watch How To Achieve a Bright White Finish With the GF Paint System.