fbpx How do I remove water stains from raw wood?

*How Do I Remove Water Stains or Discoloration Before Staining Raw Wood?

You can use oxalic acid when trying to remove discoloration or water damaged spots. The entire surface needs to be treated and then neutralized with a clean water wash. Mix 4 oz. per quart of warm water. Wipe the entire surface down with the mixture and allow to dry completely. Rinse table with a clean damp rag. Finish sand with 180 grit followed by the final sanding schedule below. Make sure to wear a  dust mask when sanding wood treated with oxalic acid - the dust can irate the nose. 

Lastly, finish sand with the appropriate grit paper:

  • Oil-based products: 150-grit
  • Water-based products: 220-grit

It’s not a bleach but it will brighten the wood back to its original color.