FAQs: General Finishes Water Based and Oil Based Wood Finishes

Frequently Asked Questions regarding General Finishes water based and oil based wood finishes. Tips on how to finish wood and more.

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Furniture Care

Enduro Conversion Varnish

Buffing Out the Final Coat of Finish

Butcher Block Oil

Chalk Style Paint

Color correction (toning)

Dry Times for Finishes Applied Aver an Existing Finished Surface

Dry Times for Finishes Applied Over Raw Wood

Dye Stains (Water Based)


Exterior Stains & Topcoats

Flat Out Flat

Gel Satin Topcoat

Gel Stains (Oil Based)

General Questions

Glaze Effects

High Performance Water Based Top Coat


Milk Paint

Oil Based Liquid Stains

Preparation and Sanding

Pro Floor Finishes

Repairing & Trouble Shooting Oil Based Finishes

Repairing & Trouble Shooting Water Based Finishes

Salad Bowl Finish

Satin Finishing Wax

Spraying Finishes

Storing Finishes

Technique Tips

Wood Stains (Water Based)

Wood Turners Finish