Exterior Finishes

If you are looking for a tough, protective finish that will withstand the rigors of the sun, rain, and wind; look no further than General Finishes Exterior Finishes!

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Exterior 450 Water Based Clear Varnish

Exterior 450 Water Based Clear

Exterior 450 outdoor varnish provides your wood with a tough, protective finish that will withstand the rigors of the sun, rain, and wind. Fortified with UV absorbers to help minimize fading and maximize performance, Exterior 450's built-in mildewcide retards mold and mildew growth. Exterior 450 will resist the expansion and contraction of the wood through hot summers and cold winters that typically cause cracking and peeling. Available in Flat, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss.

Exterior 450 Water Based Wood Stain

Exterior 450 Stain by General Finishes

GF's Exterior 450 Stains are premium quality, exterior pigmented stains designed for outdoor projects such fences, patio furniture, garage doors, entrance doors, outdoor kitchens and interior windows. It is not recommended as a deck finish. They contain U.V. absorbers to protect the finish and mildewcides to retard mold.

Outdoor Oil

Outdoor Oil General Finishes

General Finishes Outdoor Oil is an exterior-rated penetrating linseed oil. It contains UV stabilizers, mildew prohibitors, and twice the oil contained in competing brands. Use Outdoor Oil for all exterior outdoor wood projects, particularly wood furniture. It can be used by itself, over any stain, and on pressure treated wood. Outdoor Oil is available in Clear. Note: Outdoor Oil may not adhere over extremely oily exotic woods.