Oil Based Topcoats

We have the superior Wipe-on Oil-based Wood Top Coats in liquid or gel: pre-stain conditioners, urethanes and oil & urethane combinations.

Need some inspiration? Visit the General Finishes Design Center or Pinterest Board for Oil Based Topcoat ideas.

Arm-R-Seal Urethane Topcoat

Arm-R-Seal Oil and Urethane Topcoat from General Finishes

Arm-R-Seal topcoats are made with only the highest quality urethane resin, making them extremely durable and long lasting. They are formulated to be wiped on with a cloth or applied with a foam brush, thus eliminating drips and sags. They penetrate to provide deep down protection and that "natural" look.

Oil Based Gel Urethane Topcoat

Gel Topcoat Satin from General Finishes

Gel Topcoat Satin is a heavy duty oil and urethane oil base top coat, which produces a beautiful hand rubbed quality finish. Gel satin is a thicker consistency, so there's no drips, runs or spills. Gel Topcoat is available in satin.

Salad Bowl Finish

Salad Bowl Finish - food safe finish for bowls, cups, wood surfaces

Salad Bowl Finish is our heavy duty oil and urethane oil based topcoat, which produces a beautiful hand rubbed quality finish. Create a beautiful and safe finish on wooden bowls, cups, spoons, decorative wood countertops or other wood surfaces that contact food.

For actively used butcher block counter tops that are used for chopping and cutting, only use Butcher Block Oil.

Outdoor Oil

Outdoor Oil General Finishes

General Finishes Outdoor Oil is an exterior-rated penetrating linseed oil. It contains UV stabilizers, mildew prohibitors, and twice the oil contained in competing brands. Use Outdoor Oil for all exterior outdoor wood projects, particularly wood furniture. It can be used by itself, over any stain, and on pressure treated wood. Outdoor Oil is available in Clear. Note: Outdoor Oil may not adhere over extremely oily exotic woods.