Nobody knows finishing better than the gang at General Finishes, and here are some of our favorite finishing products and supplies.

Fill Sticks - Assortment Pack - Furniture Repair

Fill Sticks - For Repairing Furniture | Woodwork

There has never been an easier, more convenient, or less expensive way to fill and hide nicks, gouges, and scratches on any shade of interior furniture and woodwork. These wax fill sticks of carefully selected wood tones that blend together for a near perfect match every time.  

Touch Up Markers - Assortment Pack

Touch Up Markers furniture and woodwork repair

General Finishes Touch Up Markers contain the famous oil-based stain that has been making wood beautiful for over 90 years. Touch-Up Markers cover surface scratches, watermarks, worn edges, and other imperfections on all types of furniture and woodwork.

Fill Stick and Touch Up Marker Assortment Pack

Fill Stick and Touch Up Marker Assortment Pack. Pigmented wax sticks are used to repair and cover scratches, nail holes, nicks and other minor imperfections in wood, furniture, cabinets and laminates. Colors may be mixed to create custom color matches. To make repair permanent, please use a protection coat of Top Coat or Sealer.

How To Use:
Apply by rubbing wax stick into defect area, level with a credit card type plastic card and wipe with a cloth.

Jen Poly Brushes

Jen Poly Brushes for applying waterbased finishes and stains

Poly-Brush® by Jen is ideal for the application of enamel, latex, oil paints, stain and varnish.

The Poly-Brush® by Jen smoothes out the paint and covers correctly with fewer strokes, eliminating brush marks or loose bristles so that even the inexperienced users can achieve reliable, professional results.

Ultraflex Softback Sanding Sponge

Ultraflex Softback Sanding Sponge for Wood Finishing

Don't work like a dog sanding anymore! Use softback sanding sponges! They fit on standard palm sanders, are very flexible, easy to clean (rinse with water), and last a LONG time. They work great for buffing between coats of finish and for buffing out coats of Satin Wax.

Warner Multi Painter Pads

Warner Multi Paint Pads for Wood Finishing

A versatile pad painter that holds a lot of stain or paint to speed up your finishing projects.

Benefits: Applies paint quickly and smoothly. Is excellent for painting corners and edging. Use with all paints, stains and varnishes. Easy to clean.

3M Tri-M-ite Pre-Cut Sand Paper

3M Tri-M-ite Pre-Cut Sand Paper

For your general purpose, maintenance and production hand sanding needs, we offer a selection of durable 3M cloth and paper sheets in various weight backings. These sheets provide consistent finish and long life. #120, 220 and 400 grit. 50 to a sleeve.

Dust Pro Oil Free Tack Cloths

Dust Pro Oil Free Tack Cloths

Use Dust Pro Oil Free Tack Cloths to pick up the particles left behind after sanding. They help produce a perfect end result. Designed for use on water base finishes because there is no linseed oil added to the cloth.

Staining & Wiping Cloths

Staining & Wiping Cloths for Finishing Furniture

Oil and lint-free 40cm x 48cm (16' x 19')

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Gloves for Wood Finishing

Use gloves, even with waterbase products, as the pigments and dyes can still stain your hands. Get several pair if you are planning to layer colors on your project. Tip: when cleaning up after using WATERBASE products, just grab all the wet application cloths in your gloved hand and peel the glove off your hand over the cloths for quick disposal. Never do this when using oil based products.

Stir Stix

General Finishes Stir Stix | Sticks for Stirring | Mixing Paint

General Finishes Ergonomic Stir Stix for stirring fabulous General Finishes water-base and oil-base finishes.