August 22, 2011

Re: EF High Performance Polyurethane (Gloss)

I have very seldom written to a manufacturer concerning one of their products, however, I am writing to you to tell you my experience with your EF High Performance Polyurethane.

Back in the mid to late 1990's, I was in the midst of a kitchen remodel where I built my own cabinets.  When it came time to apply a finish, I settled on using your EF High Performance Polyurethane as a topcoat over unstained figured maple.  I purchased this at the Rockler that was at that time located on Rand Road in Arlington Heights, IL.  I think I must have sprayed about 2 gallons to complete the job and had about 1 and a half gallons left over.

Since that time I moved from the Chicago land area to the Gulf Coast.  I recently came across the gallon and a half of finish mentioned earlier in my barn where it was put when we originally moved down in 2004.  My first inclination was to toss it as it surely couldn't be any good after over 15 years stored in an unheated and more importantly down here unairconditioned area. 

Instead I opened the half used container and expecting a foul odor was surprised that it smelled normal.  So then I decided to apply some of it to a piece of scrap cherry and again after several coats was surprised that it dried to a perfect shine.  Still not convinced, I tried spraying it with my HVLP sprayers and again it performed perfectly.

I have since used up that original half gallon on such things as pen/pencil sets, peppermills, banks and other craft items and am looking forward to starting the last gallon.

I just thought you would like to know that this product has far exceeded my expectations and is a pleasure to use (brush or spraying).

Best Regards,

Dan Domzalski
15050 Howells Ferry Rd.
Wilmer, AL 36587