How to Mix General Finishes Conversion Varnish

HOW TO MIX CONVERSION VARNISH,  General Finishes strongest clear coat.

  1. Always wear gloves when working with Conversion Varnish.
  2. Stir Conversion Varnish in the can to ensure a consistent sheen.
  3. Use a  pour fitting to keep the can clean.
  4. Only mix what you will use; once Catalyst is added, Conversion Varnish has a limited pot life.
  5. Mix 1 Part Catalyst to 10 Parts Conversion Varnish, Measured by Weight or Volume.
  6. Using a power drill with mixing blade, create a vortex in the Conversion Varnish. This vortex is critical to the success of the mix.
  7. SLOWLY pour Catalyst into Conversion Varnish.
  8. Continue mixing for 1-2 minutes. Mix for 3 total minutes.
  9. Allow mixture to rest for 10-15 minutes before spraying.
  10. Once Catalyzed, Conversion Varnish has a 6-8-hour pot life.
  11. Conversion Varnish MUST be filtered using a fine filter. 

When using pressurized pot spray systems, open the air vent when not in use. If left under pressure, the Conversion Varnish will continue to off-gas, building additional pressure, which will diminish pot life.

Once applied, Conversion Varnish will typically be ready to recoat in 40-60 minutes. Cure time is 7 days. 
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