How to Spray Milk Paint

Tom Monahan of General Finishes uses the the spray application to apply General Finishes Milk Paint for an even coat and fast application!

Recommended Spray Guns:

In the shop we use the 3M Model HG18. It comes with a large diameter fluid tip and a disposable air cap. This allows you to use it several times before replacing.

In this video we use a self contained system, the Earl-X 5500 HVLP System. It also comes with a large fluid tip designed for spraying paints. 

Spraying Tips:

  • If Milk Paint needs to be thinned: Use 10 percent water by volume, which is 3 fluid ounces per quart.
  • Keep the gun at a 90 degree angle. Overlap about 25 percent.
  • Work in manageable sections.
  • Use a respirator.
  • If you have never sprayed before, practice on a piece of paper or cardboard. 
  • If you get a run or any kind of error or drip, take a brush and lightly brush it out.
  • Allow project to dry 1-2 hours. Sand topcoat smooth with a 220 sanding pad.
  • Repeat with 2-3 more coats until satisfied with the finish.
  • Milk paint dries to a low luster sheen and is durable to stand up to medium wear.
  • If more protection is required, apply 1-2 coats of HP Water Based Topcoat for interior and Exterior 450 for outdoor applications.
  • Cure time is dependent upon temperature and humidity; at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent relative humidity, 3-4 coats of Milk Paint will cure in about 21 days.

Thinning: Thin GF water based products with 10-15% extender or water at point of use only. Decant what you need into a separate container and use immediately. If thinned water based products are stored, they will separate and lose the semi-gel consistency. 


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