Water Based Pro Floor System

General Finishes Water Based Pro Floor System offers 7 finishes for hardwood floors. GF is the first company to manufacture a complete water based wood floor finishing system for the residential, commercial and sports floor industry.

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Pro Floor Stain

Water Based Wood Floor Stains | General Finishes

Pro Floor Stain is a new revolutionary water based finish:

Stain Glide

Water Based Floor Stain Glide Additive | General Finishes

STAIN GLIDE is a water based additive for use with PRO FLOOR STAINS. STAIN GLIDE extends the open time for buffing in the stain or on larger projects.

  • More open time for wiping Pro Floor Stain
  • Makes Pro Floor Stain more buffable
  • Low odor 
  • Part of a fully non-combustible finishing system

Pro-Line Floor Paint

Pro-Line Floor Paint | General Finishes

General Finishes Pro Line Paints are water base paints designed for line marking sports floors. Pro Line Paint represents the most recent advancements in technologies for the floor industry and has many advantages over traditional floor paints such as:

  • Most colors will cover in one coat.
  • Maintains rich color and will not yellow over time.
  • Low odor and low VOC.
  • Has good intercoat adhesion.
  • Excellent flow and leveling.
  • Resistant to bleeding under tape lines.

Pro Sealer

Waterbased Floor Sealer from General Finishes

GENERAL FINISHES PRO SEALER is a self-crosslinking single component sealer for hardwood floors designed to be used with Pro Floor Stains, Pro Image, and Pro Shield. Apply over Pro Stain the same day and save time and labor.

Pro Image

Waterbased one part topcoat for floors

Pro Image is a one part water based flooring topcoat. It is a durable and self-crosslinking urethane/acrylic - the only high wear single component on the market.

Pro Shield

Pro Shield Flooring Waterbase Top Coat

Pro Shield Water Based Flooring Topcoat is a two part urethane-acrylic that requires our AZ catalyst.


Pro UV - Water Based Flooring Top Coat | General Finishes

Pro-UV is a water based ultra violet light cured urethane that has superior wear, chemical and slip resistance.

  • Instantaneously cured using ultra violet light allowing immediate use.
  • Very low VOC
  • Maintains clear finish and will not yellow over time
  • Superior chemical, scratch, scuff and heel mark resistance
  • Cure with UV-B bulb to prevent unwanted ozone
  • Superior slip resistance over other UV coatings
  • Exceptional clarity