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GF honored with Woodcraft's "Innovations Award"

We're very honored to be a recipient of Woodcraft's "Innovations Award" for our water-based and oil-based finishes! 

Woodcraft featured us in their "Top 10 Game-Changing Tools of the Past 10 Years" article, saying; "Water-based finishes have an established reputation for being less odorous and easier to use than oil-based finishes. Today, many outperform their oil-based competition. According to the manufacturers' tests, General Finishes' High Performance finish (a polyacrylic blend) is the hardest, most durable consumer polyurethane top coat on the market... Enduro-Var is an oil-modified alkyd varnish in a water-based formula that dries fast and cleans up with water, yet imparts the desirable amber tone of an oil-based varnish."

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