Conversion Varnish and Shou-Sugi-Ban at Delta Millworks in Texas

We love that this innovative company, Delta Mill Works in Austin, TX, uses our Enduro Conversion Varnish in their projects. They like its clarity, and the soft look it provides, along with the incredible strength and durability. And they are even more impressed that it is water based. One of Delta Milk Works' specialties is shou-sugi-ban. On their site, they describe what it is. "Shou-Sugi-Ban (burnt wood siding) is a Japanese tradition of burning wood siding that dates back hundreds of years. This method was done because the Japanese discovered that a heavily charred board used for siding was much more resistant to rot and insects, as well as far less likely to ignite when exposed to sparks or flames. The shou sugi ban method was vital in reducing fires but is now primarily used for its aesthetics and superior performance in exterior applications."