Jason Bedre's Curvis Sedes II Chair finished with General Finishes Endurovar

We love all things Jason Bedre! One of his chairs, "Curvis Sedis II," is particularly memorable. It's got complex joinery of interlocking dovetails, as well as spline dovetails, a covered seat that's tapered to the edge, and a frame made of bent laminations. "It was a real test of seeing how far I could go, and push the limits of what I could do, to make it. I was sort of challenging myself, I guess," Jason said. This was Jason's entry in the Texas Furniture Makers Show in 2012 - beauty in every detail!. As quoted in the Woodworkers Journal Jason says:
"I like bent laminations; I like hand-cut dovetails -- I like the way they look." Also, he said, "It's taken me about 12 years to appreciate hand tools in a major way. I'll use a power tool if it will do the job better, but I can at least now appreciate when a hand tool is the appropriate choice." See more information on General Finishes Endurovar here.

Bedre Woodworking
Austin, Texas United States