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*What Sprayer Should I Use?

Although we spray product all the time in our workshop, with several sprayers ranging from airless to HVLP, we do not consider ourselves to be spray gun experts for all brands.

To get the latest information, we recommend you contact Jeff Jewitt of Homestead Finishing Products and/or Paint Sprayers Plus for the best advice.

Between these two resources, you should get the information you need.


1. The Earlex Sprayer Station 5500 is an entry-level spray gun with a self-contained pressure system that sprays our paint quite well. It comes with a 2.0 mm tip for paints and a 1.5 mm tip for clears. You can learn more about this product by going here.

The Earlex Spray Station 5500 has been used for the following GF spray demo videos:

2. The 3M Accuspray HG18 16570 is also easy to use, It filters the material, and the spray head is disposable. This is one of the units we spray within the woodshop. It uses a 1.5-1.8 mm tip for paints and clears. Check out the 3M Accuspray product listing on Amazon here.

3. Home Decor Sprayer by Wagner is another entry level sprayer that is easy to use, saves time, and works well with GF products. You can purchase this sprayer directly through the Wagner website for under $100- here.

We have used the Wagner Home Decor Paint Sprayer for the following videos: