How can I thin Gel Stain?

Gel Stain can be mixed with up to 50% Liquid Oil Stain but be aware that this will thin the viscosity.

We recommend starting with 10% Liquid Oil Stain and testing to your satisfaction. Add more Liquid Stain as needed up to 50%. The mix will be thin and more translucent with less color saturation and intensity, but will not lose any of its properties for adhesion and curing.

How to thin Gel Stain to create a glaze

We recommend adding up to 10% mineral spirits. You can add more mineral spirits, but test first. The mixture will thin out quickly and also reduces color intensity. Using more than 10% can affect the performance and durability of the finish, but as a glaze, this is not as critical an issue because your topcoat will protect the finish.

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*Can An Oil Based Topcoat Such as Arm-R-Seal Be Thinned?

General Finishes Arm-R-Seal

Although Arm-R-Seal rarely needs thinning because of its low viscosity, it can be thinned with up to 10% mineral spirits - more than that may thin the solids content too much.

Thinned Arm-R-Seal will be diluted but can be stored without risk of separation.

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Can I use turpentine instead of mineral spirits to thin an oil-based finish?

It will work but turpentine is not VOC exempt.

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