Enduro Ready to Match (RTM) Water Based Stain

RTM - Ready to Match Stain System

General Finishes Ready To Match (RTM) Stain System is a waterbase color matching system designed to make your color matching ability a breeze! This system consists of 10 standard stain bases and a clear that are intermixed to make an 150 rich, deep colors.

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The RTM System saves time and money by doing the work for you. You receive 15 custom colors on Maple and Oak along with a formula book. Use our large 4X5 color chips as your own color selection, supplied in an attractive wooden box for a professional looking stain display. General Finishes color chips are made with cabinet grade plywood. Maple on one side and Oak on the other. Each chip is labeled with the formula right on the chip for quick, easy reference.

Ready To Mix Stain System From General Finishes

Use the RTM System to create your own custom colors. Colors can by mixed by weight or volume which allows you to make consistent colors time after time. The RTM System can be used under any water base or solvent base sealers or top coats. The RTM System can be used with any Fillon mixing machine.

Fillon Minimax 150 mixing machine

If you don't want to purchase the mixing machine you can still use the mixing lids.

RTM-Mixing Stain with Mixer Lid

Available for both Quart and Gallon size. There is not a better way to mix and dispense stains.

  • Can be spray or hand applied
  • 10 Stain Concentrates
  • Unlimited Color Matching Capabilities
  • Hundreds of Standard Color Chips
  • Formula Book, Reference Chips
  • Excel Formula Calculator
  • Mixing Supplies
  • Expandable Mixing Station Available
  • Low VOC's, Non Flammable, Water Clean Up

Colors: Unlimited color matching capabilities - Stain concentrates: Tint White, Raw Sienna, Golden Brown, Red, Trans Red Oxide, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Tavern Brown, Bordeaux, Tint Black

Recoat/Dry Time: 1-2 hours

Coats Recommended: 1

Cure Time: 21 days

Cleanup: General clean-up with soap and warm water recommended. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. For best results, clean all equipment with General Finishes Brush and Gun Cleaner.

Coverage: 150 sq ft/qt

Can Sizes: Quart, Gallon

Recommended Use: Interior wood applications

Topcoat Recommendation: Any of General Finishes Topcoats

Spray Tip Sizes Recommended: .043 -.051 tip and nozzle, No. 9 air cap.


Viscosity: thin


Tint White

Raw Sienna

Golden Brown


Trans Red Oxide

Burnt Umber

Raw Umber

Tavern Brown


Tint Black


Top Notch Customer Service

4 years 45 weeks ago

Being a small business owner I understand how important Customer Service is, especially in todays economy. I would like to compliment your CS team for providing a service which is "2nd to none".

In the past year I have found it necessary to contact your team with several questions and yes,even one product issue. Whoever I spoke to always had a vast knowledge of your product and could suggest the correct product for my application or recommend what product would be best to use. On one occasion GF even replaced a faulty can of finish which was a fault of a distributor and not GF I might add.
Again, congrats on a top notch customer service team and a product that I will continue to use and recommend to others.

Roger Tierman
PCM Custom Woodworks