Touch Up Markers furniture and woodwork repair

General Finishes Touch Up Markers contain the famous oil-based stain that has been making wood beautiful for over 90 years. Touch-Up Markers cover surface scratches, watermarks, worn edges, and other imperfections on all types of furniture and woodwork.

Great for touchups and repair of furniture, cabinets, doors and floors, General Finishes Touch Up Markers are also a fast, convenient, no-mess way to stain small hobby and woodcraft projects. Try them also for detailing or other decorative techniques. Assortment Pack consists of 12 markers that can be used to touch up any finish, light medium or dark. It can hide nicks, scratches and scuffed edges and dries quickly. Start with the lightest marker, and it is always a good idea to try out the different shades in an inconspicuous area to see which color will go with your finish. You might need to combine two or more colors to match the exact finish. Immediately wipe off any marker that gets on non scratched surface as it can leave permanent darker marks on it


Available in Antique Cherry, Black, Brown Mahogany, Candlelight, Oak, Honey Maple, Mahogany, Pine, Rosewood, Shaker Maple, Walnut and White.


Each application darkens as it's repeated, and the marker colors can be intermixed - so it's easy to match almost any shade of wood. The dye dries in seconds to create a long-lasting repair that can be waxed or polished. The marker itself is unique. Unlike ordinary markers, a special valve mechanism feeds dye to the marker tip only as needed, allowing control of the flow. The valve also seals off the reservoir in the barrel and prevents the marker from drying out.