Wood Turner's Finish from General Finishes

Wood Turner's Finish is a non-toxic water/oil urethane hybrid for use on wood turnings, salad bowls, and other lathe turned projects. It produces a rich amber tone and dries to recoat in minutes.

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USE: Interior Only

COLOR: Slightly pinkish in the the bottle. Dries to an amber tone.

SHEEN: Clear

SANDING: On bare wood sand to 180 grit. For more open grained woods sand to 220 grit.

COATS: Normally 3 (additional coats can be applied)

RECOAT: 30 minutes if brushing on or wiping on, 3-5 minutes if working on the lathe.

CLEANUP: General clean-up with soap and warm water recommended. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. For best results, clean all equipment with General Finishes Brush and Gun Cleaner. 

DRY TIME for light use: 7 days. Good ventilation, air movement and higher temperatures will accelerate cure time. Cooler temperatures will slow cure time.

CURE TIME: Light use (7-10 days), Regular use (21 days) under ideal conditions (70 degrees and 70% humidity). Good ventilation, air movement and higher temperatures will accelerate dry time. Cooler temperatures will slow cure time. Cure time is the amount of time needed for the finish on a piece to reach maximum hardness and be ready for normal use. This is different than "dry time."  This is different than "dry time." During the curing stage, treat your project with special care. Avoid placing heavy objects on it. Always avoid the use furniture polishes, dusting sprays or oil soaps as they may contaminate the finish for future recoating. Use a water dampened cloth for regular cleaning.

WATER SPILLS AND DAILY USE: Clean water spills up as they occur during regular use and protect from heat. Although General Finishes products are water resistant, they are not impervious to water. Surfaces will not be damaged by spilled water so long as it is cleaned up promptly. We recommend using coasters to protect your wood from standing water and pot holders to protect from heat.

Cleanup: General clean-up with soap and warm water recommended. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. For best results, clean all equipment with General Finishes Brush and Gun Cleaner. 

SEALER: Do not use sealers with the Wood Turners Finish, it should be used alone.


COVERAGE: 150 sq.ft/qt

VOC: <275g/l (2.28lbs/gal.)

ADDITIVES: Accelerator performs well when working on a lathe to increase speed of dry time.


APPLICATION: Wipe on, acrylic brush, foam brush, paint pad applicator, or spray on.


Safety Data Sheets


Finally: THE Perfect Finish for Turnings

5 years 9 weeks ago

WTF has all the qualities I want in a finish for turned objects. It can be applied with the work still on the lathe. It goes on beautifully when wiped on with a cloth at low RPM. (It actually goes on beautifully with everything I've tried so far: a paper towel, synthetic or natural fan brushes, foam sponge and old tshirt.) It dries to recoat in about five minutes, yet is thin enough to level perfectly. Four easy coats in 20 minutes--most of the time without even sanding in between--leaves a durable gloss finish with a hint of amber. From there, it can be rubbed to whatever level of polish desired: from satin to gloss.

I haven't tried it on any "difficult" woods yet (cocobolo, verawood, teak, etc.), but if it works as well on those as GF's High Performance Poly, it will easily take its place as my favorite finish. Actually, it takes that spot regardless.

If General Finishes keeps a "wish list" anywhere, I wish that WTF had UV blockers like HPP (the only finish I've found that keeps woods from changing color for an astonishingly long time).

Still, WTF is the finish I've been looking for since I started turning.

SF Bay Area, CA

Wood Turners - My New Go-to Finish!

4 years 51 weeks ago

Dear Folks,
I just received my Wood Turners Finish, this afternoon, and tried it on a previously unfinished handle.  This stuff is great! The finish is very easy to apply, 5 coats in less than 1 hour and could have probably done it in 15 minutes but I was afraid to touch the surface to see if it was wet or dry.  This will become my new go-to finish on the lathe!
Thank you for the opportunity to try this great new product!
Lewis Kauffman
Hobbyist Lewis Kauffman

Wood Turners Finish is a Home Run!

4 years 34 weeks ago

You hit it out of the park with this one. Works exactly as claimed. Dries in no time. Buffed to a great finish same morning!
The only thing I would love to have is some UV protection but I'll live without it if I have to.


Isaac Karpel