Bed Finished With Endurovar Cross Linked Polyurethane

Custom Bed Finished in Endurovar

Custom bed queen bed in solid cherry, European beech, & walnut from Jason Bedre of Bedre Woodworking 512-506-1650 - finished with waterbased Endurovar. Jason, as quoted in Woodworkers Magazine, says: "I worked as a polymer chemist, which gave me unique insight into the finishing aspect of woodworking. I don't make finishes, but the chemistry is the same," he said. "I delve into the science behind it." He says he's finding that newer waterborne finishes are an alternative to lacquer. Now my number one finish is General Finishes Enduro-Var. Its ease of use rivals any lacquer, at least in my hands it does," he said. "I'm not trying to use green finishes, I just think they're becoming more durable."