Can GF Milk Paint be wet distressed?

General Finishes Milk Paint can not be wet distressed after it has dried.

All paints are developed for different purposes. Standard latex paints are designed to cover walls, not objects under every day use. Exterior finishes are engineered to be flexible to withstand wide ranges of temperatures in outdoor conditions. GF Milk Paint is a durable commercial grade coating for interior and exterior applications. It is formulated for furniture, cabinets and millwork. General Finishes specifically selects resins to achieve this objective. Our Milk Paint can be easily distressed by hand or with a sander within the first 2-3 hours after application. The longer Milk Paint cures, the harder it is to sand. Each type of manufactured paint has a different look, feel and intended use. Some paints are smooth and hard, while others are textural.

Choose your paint based on the look you want to achieve balanced with the way you intend to use your piece. 

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*Why Are Some Milk Paint Colors Thinner and More Translucent Than Others?

The ability of a paint to "hide" (cover) the existing underlying finish color is dependent on a number of factors.

One factor is colorants and the other is filler. Colorants affect the viscosity of durable furniture paints, making some paints thinner than others. GF could add more filler, making Milk Paint similar to wall paint, but that would reduce the durability.

Bright, organic colors such as blues, greens, reds, yellows and whites are thinner. Unfortunately, this a problem common among highly durable paints in the industry.

When covering existing medium-dark finishes, at least 2 coats of primer is recommended. Even with the use of a primer, additional coats of paint may be necessary.

When covering lighter colored finishes, it may take 3+ coats of paint to achieve acceptable hide.

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