Wood Turners Finish by Robert Greenberg

Segmented pen by Robert Greenberg
Segmented pen by Robert GreenbergWinestopper by Robert Greenberg

I turned a segmented pen to see how well the finish would fill.  It exceeded my expectation. It was so much easier to apply and finish then the CA finish I have been using and the big bonus if I didn't have to deal with the fumes.

Yesterday I turned a pen using tulipwood.  The ease in applying the finish was amazing.  Six light coats, no raised grain and the finish was so good that I didn't even have to buff it.

My next project on the learning curve was a stopper made with Kingwood.  Again the ease of application and the finish exceeded my expectation.  As usual for me , I  used more then one drop of CA glue when one would be enough so I got some on the finish.  I wiped it off ( left a residual ) and waited 24 hours and then buffed the piece with the Beall Buffing System.   The Woodturners Finish, as you can see, withstood the  buffing process and I ended up with a wonderful finish.

Robert F. Greenberg

Past president of the Wine Country Woodturners

Founding member and Past President of the Atlanta Woodturners Guild