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Will a steam mop damage Pro Image or Pro Shield finish?

A steam mop won't damage the finish film but it will force moisture into the wood between the boards or into any open scratched areas on the surface of the board. This could cause a de-lamination of the finish from the wood or damage to the wood itself. We recommend a commercial floor cleaner such as Bona floor cleaning system.

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Is it necessary to use Pro Sealer every time I finish a wood floor?

General Finishes Pro Image Topcoat or Pro Shield Topcoat can be applied directly to the stain without a sealer.

In cases of species like White Oak top coats can pull tannin from the wood leaving an undesirable color affect. Many closed grain woods such as maple, walnut, and cherry may only require one seal coat and two finish coats. Most open grain woods such as the oaks and ash will need two seal coats to increase the build of the finish and improve the final result. If in doubt, put down a coat of sealer.

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*How is a Flooring Topcoat Different than a Furniture or Cabinet Finish?

Three features differentiate flooring topcoats

  1. General Finishes flooring topcoat, Pro Image, is fortified with significantly more urethane to increase durability.
  2. The slip rate of flooring topcoats is higher to improve floor safety and reduce the likelihood of slipping; approximately a 5.7 rating. For example, someone in socks is less likely to slip on a flooring finish, or a basketball player is less likely to slip on a good professional floor finish. Cabinet finishes have a much lower (negative) slip rate because folks want a silky, smooth finish on a cabinet or furniture; approximately a -.4 rating.
  3. A floor finish has more elongation - the finish stretches to provide flexibility over expanding and contracting woods.


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